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8 months ago

Issues regarding breast augmentation and defect

My one breast prior to surgery was deformed. It was hard to notice since since they were so small. The surgeon did not recognize this until after the surgery. Now this breast sits lower & off to the side. I know this was an elective surgery but now I need to have a revision. Would my insurance cover this to have it fixed? It’s painful at times due to the pulling on the muscle. Surgery was 4/21

Procedure: Breast Implant Revision
Location: medford, NJ

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Jose Plaza
ASPS Int. Surgeon

This is pocket problem , I dont know if insurance cover that

Curtis Wong
ASPS Surgeon

When surgery doesn't go as 'advertised' or expected, you have to figure out what went wrong. If its your anatomy, then it was missed by your surgeon and in my opinion, that falls at the feet of your surgeon since you know nothing about augmentation procedures and what to watch for. If there was an anatomic issue, your surgeon had the responsibility to review this with you and to warn you of potential adverse outcomes. If you have a capsular contracture that is distorting your mound, then that is no one's fault as they happen and the burden fall upon you to be financially responsible for any revisions in the future. But one thing is for certain, your insurance company is not going to pay anything to have this repaired/revised/addressed. Bottom line, in the absence of a contracture, does your surgeon think this is a good outcome and a great job was done? Most surgeons have revision policies written to address such situations and you should find out what your surgeon's policy is.

Daniel Allan

You don't say how long ago you had surgery. Discomfort usually improves wih time. I think your situation can be improved, but insurance will not cover a non-medical complication or undesirable result of a procedure thea was not originally covered, i.e., cosmetic. Also, I have rare occasion to mention this, but you are quite slender and it wouldn't hurto to gain a few pounds.

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Samir Shureih
ASPS Surgeon

Insurance companies do not cover any surgery or complications after cosmetic surgery.

Displaced implants inferiorly and laterally can happen and is well recognized risks after cosmetic augmentation mammoplasty.

Such complication needs revision surgery if it bothers you. Correction might be more involved than the original augmentation mammoplasty. This requires in person thorough examination and discussion with you. Evaluate your anatomy, boney, and muscular and breast anatomy then a plan for correction could be formulated.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

Most people will have some kind of asymmetry before surgery that they have not noticed but after surgery it becomes more apparent to them. The problem that you have is that the pocket on the left has closed somewhat inferomedial. This can happen even quite sometime after surgery. You probably need a revision to open this pocket more. Insurance will not cover this and the better thing for you to do is to see your original surgeon to see if they will work with you a little on this.

José Castro Aranda
ASPS Int. Surgeon

actualmente la diferencia en el tamaño se resuelve con injerto de grasa debera dejar pasar 6 meses para ver la diferencia real y poder usar la grasa

los seguros no pagan este tipo de diferencia en el tamaño de la glandula esta diferencia de tamaño es muy frcuente


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