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one month ago

Galaflex in one breast augmentaion

surgery on both of my breasts. Removed my “old” implants that were 650cc. The left side had drooped down a bit, so doc had said galaflex on the left side with new implant 560cc. Also, right breast with new implant of 560cc with NO galaflex.

there is quite a bit of difference between my left and right breast now. Talking my surgeon I want to schedule a galaflex for rt breast. What do you think??

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Chesapeake, VA

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Mytien Goldberg
ASPS Surgeon

I am glad you received Gelaflex as par of your secondary revision breast augmentation and lift. I normally use Gelaflex in both breast regardless of one being more sagging than the other. This is because Gelaflex is a very sturdy reconstructive mesh that will hold the implants in place where you want it to be. When you only use it on one side, the other side (non-Gelaflex) will have gravity working against it and it sits lower than what you have expected. At the same time, the reconstructed breast with Gelaflex will not relax or "settle" with time since it is a stiff product. I would proceed with revision having Gelaflex mesh place in both breasts.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. In most cases to maintain symmetry the same procedure is done on both breasts. Although no photographs were supplied with your question I would recommend discussing your concerns with your surgeon to determine what the best direction of treatment would be.

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Norman Bakshandeh
ASPS Surgeon

Its a good idea to have the same thing done on both sides


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