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Autumn Nolan
2 years ago

Extended Tummy Tuck- Weight Question

So I am trying to get a lower BMI (under 35) for my surgery at the end of September, I have never been as heavy as I am right now and my weight has been stable up until this past year while gaining weight due to a medication I started taking. I have obviously stopped taking that medication but I already scheduled my surgery and want to know if I would be able to drop 5 BMI points in time.

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: port townsend, WA

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon

Your surgeon has likely asked you to reduce your BMI in order to reduce the risk of this surgery. Your surgeon is thinking of your safety. Reducing your BMI also needs to be done safely, and you could consider a medically-supervised weight loss program. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon and your primary care physician to see what resources they can help you with. Depending on your weight loss journey, you may still be able to have your surgery in September. However, if you are unable to lose the weight, postponing your surgery until your BMI is lower is the most prudent thing to do.

Samir Shureih

Better to lose the weight first then do the Tummy Tuck, you would have a better result and safer surgery

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. You should be able to do this now that you stopped the medication. Aim for 1-2 pounds per week or 8-10 per month and you'll get there!

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Complications associated with surgery significantly go down when your BMI is lower.

You may want to consider medical weight loss to lose that extra weight prior to surgery. Not only will the surgery be safer when with your lower weight, but the aesthetic results of surgery will be much better.

Best wishes

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

Dr. Johnson gave you a very good answer. Discuss all of this with your surgeon.


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