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6 months ago

worse after reconstruction

i went to the wrong dr who botched me. then a year later i had to get retraction surgery by a so called "elite" dr who removed more fat and gave me a mid face to recruit skin. i look worse now. i look like a rodent with beady eyes and i have no dimensions to my face. has anyone had their eyes so messed up and finally had the right doctor to fix them to look normal?

Procedure: Eyelid Surgery
Location: cheswick, PA

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Romulo Guerrero
ASPS Int. Surgeon

You have the same problem as Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Paul MacCartey, etc who had all the fat removed from their eyelid bags.

The eye is in the orbit to which it is anchored by ligaments that, like a hammock, hold the eyeball and keep it suspended within the orbit. With aging these ligaments lose their tensile strength and allow the eye to drop, then the space between the eye and the floor of the orbit decreases, then the palpebral bags found in this space, which has now decreased, they slip out of the orbit and papebral bags are produced. When all the palpebral bags are removed, it produces a more rapid descent of the eyeball and as a result the senile orbit appears, the size of the eye decreases, the upper eyelid looks deeper and the lower eyelid is sunken. We have a lot of experience in correcting this deformity, it consists of elevating the eye, recovering the space that existed between the eyeball and the floor of the orbit and correcting the tissue deficiency.............


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