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one year ago

Bbl and 360 lipo

Hello, I’m on Coumadin for artificial heart valves aortic mitral and tricuspid I can’t come off but can be bridged with lovenox. Are there surgeons that can safely perform this surgery for me?

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: Gibsonville, NC

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Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

We need more information than that but you would need clearance from a board certified cardiologist prior to having anything done. I don't believe a reputable plastic surgeon would touch without that.

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Although you can be bridged with lovenox, your cardiologist has to give you a risk stratification on what the perioperative risk of an adverse event after the operation. As you are most likely aware, the reason you are on coumadin for the valves is to prevent a blood clot which can happen as blood flows across the valves and can lead to a pulmonary embolism - from a tricuspid valve clot or a stroke from the mitral/aortic.

The aortic valve has a high velocity flow rate where the chance of a clot is lower so can tolerate being off of blood thinners for longer. The other two are a low flow environment so more prone to clots.

The other aspect to consider is that once you go back on the blood thinners you are more prone to hematoma (collection of blood) at the liposuction and fat grafting sites. This can lead to an unaesthetic appearance and may even be severe enough to need a blood transfusion.

Please meet with a board certified plastic surgeon as well as a cardiologist

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Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello. Due to you been under blood thinner medications because of your hearth valves, I consider you can not undergo any elective surgery surgery.

The risks of leaving the blood thinners will make you prone to blood cloth and other serious complications. Your live is more important than your image or body contour.


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