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one year ago

Are there any surgeons who will operate on me?

I had Cushings disease, and got a bilateral adrenalectomy. Now, I have adrenal insufficiency. I take hydrocortisone, fludrocortisone and levothyroxine daily. I had a breast reduction this year. I’m trying to find a surgeon who will perform a tummy tuck and BBL but I keep getting denied. My endocrinologist said that I’m a candidate for the procedures but I can’t find a willing surgeon. HELP

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: chicago, IL

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Samir Shureih
ASPS Surgeon

Yes you can have the surgery, however I would divide your surgery into two separate surgeries to decrease the amount of trauma and stress to your body.

Your plastic surgeon can work with your endocrinologist to determine your body needs for hormonal need after and during surgery.

Preferably is to see a Board Certified Plastic surgeon in the vicinity of your endocrinologist who then can both take care of you. Maybe the same hospital that both specialties work. Patient safety first.

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José Castro Aranda
ASPS Int. Surgeon

hola podria ser mas facil si envia una foto y explica en concreto que es lo que desea corregir y asi podremos darle una mejor opinion

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Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

Yes, you could have the surgery and there are board certified plastic surgeons in Chicago that could do it. You have to realize that you have a serious medical problem that could cause a lot of complications. The most important thing a surgeon has to is not to harm the patient and if this is the reason for denial then I am in total agreement with the surgeon. The breast reduction was a medically necessary operation and the abdominoplasty and buttock fat transfer is a totally cosmetic operation and there is a huge difference. You need complete clearance from your endocrinologist and they need to be available in case you would need it postop. Most surgeons are just not take the risk of performing the operation at their own outpatient surgical facilities because of the extra risk so a lot or surgeons are not going to do it unless it is in a hospital setting and this would cost a lot more. Start with your BR surgeon and then others. Needs in person consultation.

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