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5 years ago

Liposuction of the bra rolls

Hello, I will be having breast reduction surgery next month and i am interested in liposuction of the bra rolls but what parts of the bra roll area will my surgeon lipo for an additional fee of $850?

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Winter Garden, FL

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Susan Buenaventura
ASPS Surgeon
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Congratulations on having a breast reduction, a life changing procedure! The surgeon should mark the bra rolls with your bra on, and luposuction the entire area. Skin on the back is thick, so some of the bra roll may be skin. You may also consider Coolsculpting for this area as it helps the skin to shrink as well. Cost varies widely! Best wishes.

Gary Culbertson
ASPS Surgeon
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Braw rolls very dramatically and can extend arround to your back. Often to correct this you have to be moved in to an appropriate position durging surgery (back or side). Liposuction of the flank of the breast under the armpit is commonly performed during many patients breast reduction surgery's. The correction ususally stops at the arm pit. Consider discussing exactly what, where & how the liposuction your are requesting is to be done with your surgeon before surgery. Best,

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Gregory Dowbak
ASPS Surgeon

Liposuction of the bra rolls are an integral and necessary part of a breast reduction surgery as well as a 360 lipo (Lipo of entire abdomen, waist, flanks, lower back, wings, upper back and bra rolls). In its full form it extends from superior aspect of posterior axillary fold wrapping around axilla then superiorly to superior aspect anterior axillary fold. almost in a “sickle” pattern. Failure to do this is irresponsible and suggests your surgeon (typically male) just does not “get it” just how disturbing this can be to a lady. Liposuction of the bra rolls is quick and simple. Charging extra is called “unbundling” and inappropriate. If your surgeon insists on charging extra for this, find another surgeon. We make enough money doing a breast reduction or 360 Lipo. Showing compassion is an important attribute of an excellent plastic surgeon. Good Luck ❤️

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your decision to pursue a breast reduction. Adding a procedure such as liposuction will vary by surgeon based on the patient’s anatomy and desired goal outcome. I would speak to your surgeon about the specific areas to be addressed with your additional liposuction. Hope this helps.


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