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one year ago

How can I remove bellafill surgically?

About 2 years ago I was injected with bellafill into my cheeks. The injector didn't tell me it's permanent. Id like to remove it surgically. How this procedure is done? Can we do it from inside the mouth ?

Procedure: Facial Implants
Location: Cooper City, FL

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Andrew Kornstein
ASPS Surgeon

With respect to Bellafil in particular, I cannot say with 100% assuredness, however I described a technique to remove silicone in office non surgically from the face. I have had great success removing many permanent fillers with this technique

Ulthera for silicone lip correction

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery • June 2012



Samir Shureih

Bellafill is made of Bovine Collagen and POLYMETHYLMETHACRYLATE AND LIDOCAINE.

The company states it lasts five years, However the Polymethymethacrylate does not dissolve.

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon would have discussed with you what is being injected into your face, how long it last and risks and complications and cost.

The Only logical way to remove permanent fillers in the face is through a facelift approach. It cannot be removed completely, but remove only what is safe to remove, because of the risk of injury to the nerve, blood vessels and muscles (Personal experience).

Best to consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your options and risks and complications and cost in writing.

Your other option is to live with what you have and no surgery.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

That stuff is in the tissues and one has to remove some normal tissue to remove it. It is not simple but just looking at one picture is difficult to give an opinion. Can not be removed from the inside of the mouth safely. Best you can do is visit a board certified plastic surgeon close to your home for a consultation.

Robert Buchanan

You are, unfortunately, an excellent example of why it is so important who you choose for facial injections, as there are many people doing this purely for the money without the knowledge or ethics needed. Only an in person consultation by a plastic surgeon well versed in fillers and facial anatomy can answer your question. The picture seems to indicate a significant overfill of the area, but the fact you are smiling and the angle of the picture may distort reality. Removing this will require excision of both it and the tissue in which it sits. This is difficult because of the many nerves and vessels as well as, perhaps, muscles that may be encroached. There are also limited access points that would not leave a visible scar. Choose carefully who you see this time and best of luck in finding the right plastic surgeon.

Raffy Karamanoukian
ASPS Surgeon

I have considerable experience in the management of Bellafill and continue to advocate for non-surgical removal when the material is diffusely spread in the face. Nodular Bellafill can usually be removed surgically.


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles


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