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B Erkin
one year ago

Asymmetric Breasts After Augmentation

Hello. I had a breast augmentation done about 4 months ago. I also had a liposuction done, axilla. And my right implant is 15CC’s bigger. During my 6 week follow up, my surgeon noticed my left breast was dropping a lot faster than my right. It wasn’t a big deal and barely noticeable. But it has become more noticeable since. They’re very soft and there’s zero pain. Any advice?

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. Correction of asymmetric breasts are one of the most challenging surgeries to perform. It is next to near impossible to get perfect symmetry after surgery.

In your case, I would wait 6 months from the time to surgery to and assess with photographs to see exactly what is going on. The remaining asymmetry may be minimal where you won't need another surgery or may need another surgery to further improve it. Best wishes!

Shana Kalaria
ASPS Surgeon

I would recommend wearing an underwire bra as much as possible to support the implants and slow the left implant from dropping further. It sounds like your left breast implant may be bottoming out. If this asymmetry continues to worsen and you would like to get it corrected, please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Be sure to bring in your implant information. Good luck!

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

There is always some asymmetry before and after the surgery. The advice is to follow the advice of your board certified plastic surgeon and don't listen to anyone else that does not know your case unless you want to change plastic surgeons.

Kenneth Francis
ASPS Surgeon

Dear B Erkin,

You need to follow up with, and listen only to your operating plastic surgeon. Only he or she knows all of the nuances of your case. Hopefully, they are American Board of Plastic Surgery certified. Any other advice that you receive at this point is worthless, unless you bring ALL of your records and have another board certified plastic surgeon examine you. Good luck!


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