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Jamie in Florida
4 months ago

I’m sinking further into depression!

My life has been turned upside down after my breast reduction. My therapist suggested I reach out to the medical community to help me understand why my surgeon made a gross, irreparable error in my surgery. My stats: Age: 59; height: 5’6; weight: 161 lbs; BMI: 26.79; BSA: 1.83; 38DD. He had no “required” amt of tissue to remove; there was no medical reason for taking 750gms from each breast!

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Clearwater, FL

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Andrew Kornstein
ASPS Surgeon
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Tissue was removed and reshaped centralizing your nipple areolar complex. However—- based on this one image—- your breast has not received adequate three dimensional shaping and the removal of skin has inadvertently exposed the lateral chest wall skin excess and preexisting abdominal contour.

All is not lost; no bridges burned.

You can achieve your desire result



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Daniel Allan

It is possible to improve the projection of your breasts. Have you addressed your concerns with your surgeon?

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David Delgado
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Reduction mammoplasty itself involves reducing the volume of the breast to improve the symptoms associated with tissue overweight. However, if the result is not as you were expecting, the volume can always be recovered with breast implants that produce a better filling of the upper pole that lasts over time. Talk to your surgeon.

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Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

There was no gross, irreparable error made! You have a very good, average result from the surgery you had. Due to the condition of your preoperative tissues there is only so much one can do. 750 grams is not too much to remove from your case and was required to be able to close the defect. Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations of what the surgery can do and what we expect and this unfortunately is the problem here. You can have other surgeries to try to improve in the looks but the result that you had is good.

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