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one year ago

Breast lift and or fat transfer with a kidney transplant

Can kidney transplant patients undergo a breast lift? and or breast fat transfer which I need to the left breast and lift to the right breast.

I have A symmetry so if a even a lift is possible I would like lipo to the right to even out the size. Any extracted fat wouldn’t be around the abdo area rather the thigh area.

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: gold coast, QLD - Australia

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Samir Shureih

The decision for cosmetic surgery after kidney transplant should be made in consultation with your transplant team, and if you are on any medications, the doctors should be involved in the decision making. Need to know the present kidney function and list of medications used to prevent rejection, your immune status.

Brian Hwang
ASPS Surgeon

Generally speaking, any transplant patient typically is on some sort of immunosuppressive/steroid therapy, which is well known to have negative effects on wound healing, primarily delayed wound healing. In procedures with relatively longer incisions such as a breast lift, wound healing is of the essence. Further, if a complication such as infection is encountered, the body will be less able to respond and deal with the infection due to the medications on board. Having the Transplant team on board definitely does help clarify details, but generally speaking, our practice does not offer cosmetic procedures to transplant patients. Hope that helps.

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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We need to know your present kidney function and list of medications used to prevent rejection, your immune status and full physical examination and laboratory test before making a treatment decision. Because of your health condition and currently medication are effect with all the operation process and post operative until wound healing process.


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