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5 years ago

can two different procedures be done at once

I am interested in getting both a facelift and a tummy tuck. Can both procedures be done at once?

Procedure: Facelift
Location: TAOS, NM

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Bahram Ghaderi
ASPS Surgeon

Hello and thank you for your question.

A Facelift and Tummy Tuck can safely be performed at the same time. Combining plastic surgery procedures is possible but it presents both advantages and disadvantages which need to be discussed a plastic surgeon. I would recommend researching board certified plastic surgeons and scheduling a consultation.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bahram Ghaderi

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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It is possible to perform both procedures together. However, it might be safer to do one at a time. You would have to be evaluated person to determine this. Best of luck.

Thomas Fiala
ASPS Surgeon

Personally, I don't perform these two together. I try to limit the total anesthesia time to a maximum of 6 hours, for safety reasons. Pick the operation you want to do first, and recovery fully from that one, before planning round 2. All the best!

Lawrence Glassman
ASPS Surgeon

Although a facelift and tummy tuck can be performed together, this should only be undertaken with extreme scrutiny. The health and age of the patient must be appropriate. The expected time under anesthesia must be considered. With increasing time under anesthesia, the possibility of complications increases. For these reasons, I do not perform these operations together. Do your homework. Speak to your chosen Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about the pros and cons of combining these two procedures in your specific situation.


Dr. Lawrence S. Glassman

Jon Ver Halen

Dear Taosgirl,

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. Yes, these procedures can be combined, but the total operative time my be longer than what is typically recommended. I try to keep my operative times less than 6 total hours for patient safety. It is best to answer your question during a face-to-face evaluation, when you can discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure, and you can have a physical examination to evaluate for that procedure. I recommend that you find a board-certified, or board-eligible plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have all of your questions answered during a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon, and review before and after pictures of similar patients whom have had this procedure. If you have any questions, call our office for assistance. Good luck!

Jose Luis Valero
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Taosgirl,

Let me tell you something rather sincerely: After more than 30 years of practise, I can tell you that I have found many, many colleagues that are very brilliant, very fast, creative, virtuous and with excellent results; very safe. But the reality is that those two surgiereis that you want, do require great virtues, dedication, consume time and have their individual, special characteristics, which force me to give you the advice that you consider doing one at a time, after consulting a certified plastic surgeon in your area, and decide for yourself. If you were my relative, I would recommend this to you.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Combination procedures can certainly be performed but for most surgeons this would take longer than the recommended elective time in an operating room setting. I would recommend staging them. Hope this helps.

Edward Domanskis

Definitely yes! I combine many procedures and do them safely which is my number one concern. These both could be done as an outpatient if you are in good health. Recovery time would be about two weeks and you would need to stay in area of one of my offices for a period of about one wek.

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Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hi. Its a rule not to combine Body Contour procedures with Face Contour ones. This has to do with the incompatibility of two different anesthetic techniques and the uncomfort that will be experimented by the patient, but must of all of avoiding raising the risk of the patient. Imagine your abdominal wall rectus muscles will be tight, and your face and neck will be swollen, making respiration unpleasent and difficult.


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