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one year ago

Incision opening

I am 4, going on 5 weeks post breast lift with augmentation. My right breast incision has yet to heal. I have reached out to my surgeon multiple times and feel I am being brushed off. I now have a 2cm opening at the T of my incision, and my doctor continues to say it’s normal at 5 weeks.

I am in desperate need of wound care advice. I am currently keeping it clean and dry with gauze changes BID

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Morgan Hill, CA

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Seong-Yun Ha

The point that contact more than 3 part of tissue compromised blood supply. So it didn't heal quickly.

For your cases that wound will be healed by wound contraction eventually.

Before that you'd better to discuss your doctor about excision and closure for quick recovery.

P.S Just moisturize the wound with Tegaderm or Duoderm daily . (Occlusive dressing)

Samir Shureih

With Combination surgery, it is not unusual to have wound healing problems. However As your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon After 5 weeks of nonhealing wound, you need to be seen in person and evaluate the wound. In my patients I would see the patient immediately or have my associate Board Certified Plastic Surgeon see next day. I think (Personal Opinion) , As your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon I am obligated to see you any time you have a question.

Thomas Lintner
ASPS Surgeon

Allevyn dressings are great for that area. You can find them on Amazon. You can change them every 2-3 days and shower with them on/. They might be hard to apply because of the area. 4x4 would probably work.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

The problem that is not uncommon with the type of operation that you had. This is the area that has the most tension and sometimes the wound opens here. In most cases excising the wound and reclosing would be counter productive and should not be done. If it gradually closing it is best to leave it alone and continue with dressing changes. There are many ways to treat this and different dressings that are useful according to the surgeons' experience. I myself would use big globs of Silvadene dressings at least once per day. It may take another 4 or 5 weeks but it will eventually close unless there is an implant exposure and that does not seem to be the case. The surgeon is not brushing you off. The surgeon is just as anxious for you to heal as you are. Both need to be patient. One thing that would make the wound close within a week or two is the use of a vacuum dressing such as a "PICO". Problem s that this would cost nearly $500per week and may dot be needed. after all Discuss with Dr

Shana Kalaria
ASPS Surgeon

Hi there. Although this is a common problem after breast augmentation with lift/breast reduction/breast lift, it is not normal. What you can do to help speed the process along is to keep the wound moist with triple antibiotic ointment or sterile vaseline/aquaphor and to increase your protein intake to >1g/kg/day in order to help your body heal. Avoid rubbing/touching the incisions. Keep close follow ups with your plastic surgeon to avoid infection which could comprise the implants. Good luck!

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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Wound healing process after surgery need more protien intake for better healing and occlusive wound dressing for more rapidly wound closing.

Elizabeth Efa

I did an implant replacement on the 9th December . I replaced my implant and the wound delayed healing . The under part. The doctor has sutured twice and today is day 9 from the new suturing after completing 14 days from precious one and other parts healed and then the implant is open again on day 9. I could see the implant both sides. I am super worried. Is there going to be another suturing or implant replacement? Why does it keep opening under and the rest part is healed. Please doctors advice. What do I do? Allow it heal on its own? The doctor mentioned the skin is light in that area. I am on collagen and other protein as well. I am also on vitamin C. How do I get this wound to heal?


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