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one year ago

Nose still crooked to right side after Rhinoplasty, Dr. "nasal exercises and maneuvers can help"

Tried, dr. not responsive. 2nd surgery revision, deviated symptom straightening nose.No osteotomy, chisel on bones. Old curved cartilage used. Surgery notes: caudal septum, Left Spreader Grafts, medial crura sutured to caudal septal extension graft, Caudal Septal Extension Graft, Cephalic Turn In. 13 days Postop. Nose hit on right side with cast in recovery Dr.exam“no damage” can nose fix itself?

Procedure: Rhinoplasty
Location: Denver, CO

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Andrew Kornstein
ASPS Surgeon

Nasal deviation surgery mandates no shortcuts.

Skeletonize the nose down to the septum and then incrementally add back the three tiers of nasal anatomy along the now straightened septum and then add cartilage graft architectural support

You have a septal tilt deformity.

13 days is too early to judge the result as there is some degree of skin memory resulting from skin stretching on the side of the deviated nasal structures

Understanding, and comfort with, nasal anatomy as well as intra operative creativity are essential elements of a successful outcome.



Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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As you mention above only 13 day after the operation your nasal tip maybe still swelling and the real shape after surgery need recovery period approx. 6 month to 1 year please wait a bit and go back to your surgeon for the further step of treatment.


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