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one year ago

Butt & Breast Implants

Hello everyone! I’ve read that some docs will do a butt and breast implant at the same time or just depends on the doc and patient. How long should I wait after having a failed BBL? By failed I mean there wasn’t any fat to harvest and make a real difference with. I don’t want huge just an overall better look and less saggy skin.

Procedure: Buttock Implants
Location: Washington, DC

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Samir Shureih

Do not do Buttock implant and breast implant at the same time. Have to consider patient recovery and how to lay down in bed without pressure on either implant.

I would wait at least two months between major surgeries, BBL and Breast implant or Buttock implant.

The same measurements for breast implants, buttock implants need good measurement and some times need to do liposuction for the fat above the buttocks to get the best results. Discuss position of the breast implants and position of the buttock implants.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

You are going to get several different answers from several different plastic surgeons. You need a consultation with a board certified or eligible plastic surgeon for exam and complete evaluation.

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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I recommend you to separate the procedure of breast implant and buttock implant between 2-3 months is better due to recovery position after the operation is affect with the good result of each operation. Anyway If you and your surgeon designed to do both operation altogether at the same time you should take your own risk for the surgery complication.


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