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5 years ago

Uneven breast

I had breast reduction 7 wks ago and my right breast is higher/smaller than my right. Is this normal and will it straighten out?

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Greensburg, IN

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Daniel Allan

You are still quite early in the healing process. Wait 3 months before you evaluate the result. Bear in mind that we are not symmetrical, that no woman has two identical breasts. It is human nature to be more critical of a body part after surgery.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. At 7 weeks you still have further maturation of your results where improved symmetry may occur. Without an in-person examination or series of photos it is difficult to offer more definite advice than to wait a few more months. Hang in there.

Katerina Gallus
ASPS Surgeon
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Hi Christy and thank you for your question. It is still early in your recovery so I would try to be patient during the healing process. I would continue to follow up with your surgeon and wait until at least 3 months post surgery before being concerned about asymmetry.

Best of luck in your recovery!

Dr. Katerina Gallus MD FACS

Bahram Ghaderi
ASPS Surgeon

It is normal to have some asymmetry between the breasts before and after surgery as well as during the healing process. 7 weeks is still very early in the recovery period. I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon at your next appointment. Also, you can review your before pictures to see if any asymmetries persisted from prior to surgery.

Best of luck,

Dr. Bahram Ghaderi

Jon Ver Halen

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. I recommend that you wait until you are at least 6 months out from your surgery before you make a decision to have a revision. It is best to answer your question during a face-to-face evaluation, when you can discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure, and you can have a physical examination to evaluate for that procedure. I recommend that you find a board-certified, or board-eligible plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have all of your questions answered during a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon, and review before and after pictures of similar patients whom have had this procedure. If you have any questions, call our office for assistance. Good luck!


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