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Paula Magana
one year ago

Can I get liposuction?

I’m 15yo female and I want liposuction my parents have agreed and I have the resources. can I get liposuction at a young age?

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: Houston, TX

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Samir Shureih

Very little medical history and physical examination is given. At 15 years you are still growing and developing. If you are my patient, I would tell you to lose weight and let your body and hormonal development continue, with weight and proper diet and exercise for upper body and lower body and cardio. Then will see you in 6 month and one year. Then we can have a lengthy consult , then we can talk about possible liposuction to help areas that are resistant to weight loss and exercise. Remember there is a relationship between fat and hormonal development, as well as body and mind development.

That is what I followed with my own daughter.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

At 15 you are a little young for this procedure but regardless, you must be a good candidate for it. Liposuction is not for overweigh, it is for contouring and if you are over weight then it would be a mistake to do this as you may end up worse. There are many ABPS certified or eligible plastic surgeons in Houston and what you need to do is to seek a consultation from one of these so you can find out if you are a candidate or not and find out all about the procedure.

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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Liposuction is not for loose weight but only for body contouring in specific area. Please send more information and photo of your targeted problem for more discussion.


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