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Jay Powell
one year ago

17 weeks Post-Op Question

How would you recommend approaching a plastic surgeon (well known for gyno surgery) who believes that a post-liposuction-only gynecomastia surgery puffy nipples are the result of "scar tissue?" I have this with both nipples. It feels like residual gland just as it did pre-op. How do you address asking for a revision to fix the puffy nipples? Chest contour is good, but discouraged about puffy nips

Procedure: Male Breast Reduction
Location: pensacola, FL

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Samir Shureih

This issue can be solved by simple physical examination. Breast tissue under the nipple can be palpated, felt and rolled between fingers. Scar can not.

As how to correct, would depend on the physical examination and will require a scar half way around the areola to remove some of the excess breast tissue.

Richard Orr
ASPS Surgeon

Mr. Powell, Whether the puffiness is due to residual breast tissue or scar, you are still dissatisfied with your result. Either of those conditions can be addressed and made significantly better. Your question is, How to address this? Tell your surgeon you are NOT satisfied with the result, and your are not happy. That should be enough to coax any surgeon into trying to make your result better. NO ONE has your best interests at heart as much as you do. Just walk in and say, "Doctor, I am not happy with my results!"

Good luck to you!!

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

The recommendation is to ask your surgeon if anything else can be done to improve the situation. If you do not like the answer then seek another opinion from another ABPS surgeon close to your home.

Frederic Corbin
ASPS Surgeon

Sorry for your problem but it can be corrected. Further surgery with excision of the tissue will probably give you the desired result. A Oreos mammogram will also clearly define whether it is residual fat or breast tissue

Good luck!

Yhelda De Alencar Felicio

It is possible to do Reconstruction Ginecomasty by : ' Axillary reduction Mammaplasty', avoid scar in breast, it will be one only scar in axilla.

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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please go back to re-investigation and physical examination. If some residual breast tissue left you can correct with peri-areola small incision extraction.


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