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11 months ago

Axillary breast tissue removal

I have a good amount of axillary breast tissue. I am ready to have it removed. It is so rare that I am having trouble finding a plastic surgeon that has a lot of experience with this. There is enough tissue that it will need to be surgical and not lipo. Is this an easy procedure that any plastic surgeon should be able to do without messing with the lymph nodes?

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Evansville, IN

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Carlos Quintero
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello, this axillary breast tissue needs to be surgically removed because there's extra skin too. The lymph nodes are placed deeply and close to the axillary artery and main nerves to the upper extremity.

The surgical procedure needs to be done with the proper knowledge of this anatomy in order to avoid the removal of lymph nodes.

Hope this information helps you.

Tracy McCall
ASPS Surgeon

Most plastic surgeons have the ability to do this operation. It isn't something that you do every day, but it isn't exceedingly rare, either. Talk to your primary care doctor for a referral, or call your insurance to get a list of in network surgeons.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

I do not believe that you are having a nard time finding a plastic surgeon to do this. This procedure is not uncommon, certainly not rare and any plastic surgeon should be able to do it. Usually this is done with liposuction but if the amount is large, there may be a lot of skin that would need to be surgically removed. This has nothing to do with lymph nodes. Find an ABPS certified or eligible plastic surgeon close to home for a consultation.

Frederic Corbin
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for the question and the tissue obviously needs to be excised via a maxillary approach which should nicely hide your scar in the arm pit. So seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your are who should have experience with this procedure and Good Luck!

Gunnar Bergqvist
ASPS Surgeon

The differential diagnosis include many. The most likely. Diagnosis is what Commonly know as tail of “Spence “

It is extra breast tissue should be sent for pathology.

Often best to have surgical excision . Suction etc often result in recurrence .

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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For axilla breast fat and skin. It could possibly be improved with axillary tuck surgery. It will leave a scar under the arm pit area.


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