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one year ago

Deep plane face and necklift

After deep plane face and neck lift, I had a large infected seroma.

The swelling was pretty extreme. Now that it is resolving, I'm noticing that I have a bulging neck muscle on the left side and a 1 inch gap between the muscle in the center of mu chin/neck. It feels like the platysma maybe separated a bit? Could the sutures have popped?feels like pulling in neck. Fixable? Dr says no.

Procedure: Facelift
Location: Oakville, ON - Canada

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Samir Shureih

Proper evaluation should be done after all swelling is gone and healing is completed. Then deal with what ever issues that remain. Considering you had an infection and a large seroma, should wait six month to one year. Best to be in person examination by your surgeon or a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Alfred Antonetti
ASPS Surgeon

Your doctor is the best qualified to give you an answer since he or she is the only one to have examined you. One would need to examine you to determine anything

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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It's hard to answer without full history and physical examination. Please send more treatment history and your full face and neck pictures for evaluation.


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