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one year ago

Can I completely remove my nipples after top surgery?

I am a 22y/o transgender male that had top surgery 2 years ago. The surgery went well but I did not like how my nipples turned out at all. I’ve been thinking about it and I would prefer to just not have them. Is this a procedure that’s allowed? If so, how would it go?

Procedure: Transmasculine Top Surgery
Location: miami, FL

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Samir Shureih

Removing the nipples does not look natural. The surgeon can have a consult with you and communicate what you desire then the appropriate procedure can be discussed. Male nipples are smaller than a female. Nipples can be made smaller if that is what you wish. Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Sorry you had this experience. It is possible to remove the nipple. Doing so would leave a horizontal scar above your mastectomy scar. One option to restore aesthetics after the removal would be to have a 3-D nipple tattooing similar to what we do for cancer patients. The 3-D nipple tattoos look very realistic. However, there will be no projection outward from the chest and will be flat.

Best wishes

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