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Brian B
one year ago

How soon after injury can I have a dermabrasion?

I had a facial laceration 2 months ago - how long do I have to wait to have a dermabrasion?

Procedure: Dermabrasion
Location: Glenwood, MD

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Samir Shureih

Please follow your Doctor's advice as to the timing of Dermabrasion for a scar. The wound needs to be healed and strong to tolerate the physical action of the dermabrasion. Laser may be done earlier.

Terri Hill
ASPS Surgeon

Assuming that you are asking about a dermabrasion to improve the appearance of the scar itself and not how long before proceeding with a planned dermabrasion in the area in which the recent area occurred, timing will vary based on several characteristics such as the depth and severity of the initial injury, the thickness, strength, and presence or absence of debris or of any scar "step-offs" ( where the scar edge is not well aligned by depth). There may also be stages of improvement that a scar goes through over time that can decrease the need for a dermabrasion or depth needed to achieve the goal. It is best to discuss the timing and goals with the doctor who is managing your scar and with whom the dermabrasion is to be done, A board certified plastic surgeon can determine if the dermabrasion is indicated, if there are other and better options to achieve the optimal outcome, and when it is best to perform the dermabrasion if needed.

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj
ASPS Int. Surgeon
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please kindly send your scar picture for evaluation.


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