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11 months ago

Left too big

I had breast reduction 2 months ago. My surgeon said the swelling is pretty much done and I'm very disappointed in my results. I started out about a very full 36F and was just sized at 36DD. They look lovely but I was very clear with my surgeon that I want to be TINY, about a B. He only took 372/380g respective. Do I have any hope they'll get any smaller yet or is a second procedure in my future?

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Huntsville, AL

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Carlos Quintero
ASPS Int. Surgeon

I think it's too soon to say that all the swelling is gone, I will guess that in the next 6 months you will have an smaller breast, this is mainly related to the healing process, that takes about 18 months, so 2 months it's just the beginning of the final result. That's my opinion.

Chinwe Kpaduwa
ASPS Surgeon

I agree with Dr. Quintero that it's too soon to judge the final size. I, typically, recommend getting sized for a new bra at around 3 months. Additionally, realistically with a straightforward breast reduction, you can never expect to go from an F to something super tiny without the need for a second operation. The reason is that you need to keep the nipple and the breast skin alive so that limits how much can be taken at one time.

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thanks for your question.

A couple of things here. The breasts will not settle for at least 3-6 months so I would not judge the final size just yet.

If you were an F cup and want to go to a B cup, it is usually not possible to do that in one operation and a second operation is required.

Best of luck

Benjamin Van Raalte

It is soon and things will change. Second, there is no standard bra size. If you are going to Victoria's secret, they're double d is the same as Walmart's C anyway. I also agree that it's sometimes hard to get the exact size based on your body width and the need to preserve blood supply to the tissue. If you need to go down one cup size liposuction can sometimes accomplish that.

Shana Kalaria
ASPS Surgeon

They will likely still get smaller over the next 6 months especially with weight loss. If you are still unhappy after that, a second reduction may be an option but I would recommend waiting atleast 1-2 years after surgery. Please visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!


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