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5 years ago

ADM, Fat transfer to Breasts and MRIs/Mammograms

I had Ideal implants under muscle 13 months ago due to assymetry (2 benign lumpectomies). They bottomed out . PS did revision with sutures 3 months ago and I bottomed out (PS was conservative with sutures -he regrets that). They feel like water bags on bottom + are too low. PS suggests ADM and fat transfer. I get MRIs + mammograms yearly. Does ADM interfere w. breast screening? Fix ripples?

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: London, ON - Canada

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Gary Tuma
ASPS Surgeon

Sounds like the next logical step to address issue. ADM and fat grafting has no affect on MRI/mammogram or breast screening. The ADM and fat grafting can help with ripples. You may want to consider silicone implants as well as that can improve appearance of rippling. Good luck!!!!

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. I would advise converting your implants into silicone, downsize them a bit, repair the implant pocket with sutures and reinforced by ADM. if rippling is still a high-risk, consider fat grafting. Neither will interfere with MRI and mammograms. Hope this helps

Susan Buenaventura
ASPS Surgeon
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I would echo Dr. Castillo'S recommendations. This is a complex problem and rippling can be caused by saline implants and or malposition, or sometimes by too tight a pocket. Ask your surgeon about switching to silicone implants, downsizing a little, and fixing the malposition. ADM is appropriate despite its expense, since it bottomed out twice. Fat grafting can add volume but also be fine later. Correcting to malposition with a non stretchable ADM is the correct first step. Good luck to you!


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