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5 years ago

Breast procedure

Hi, I have a dramatically larger beast than the other. I would like to know if insurance covers any of this procedure at all & if not the price for a single breast fix. Nothing is wrong with the smaller side at all

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: richmond, VA

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Dear Molly

Thank you very much for your question. There are many reasons that one breast can be larger than the other. If the reason is found to be a congenital anomaly, occasionally insurance will consider this reconstructive and may cover your surgery. However, it is advisable to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon to go over all of your options. Even if your Condition is found to be reconstructed in nature your particular insurance plan may have an exclusion where they want to cover it. Unfortunately all insurances are not created equally and your plastic surgeon should be able to help you figure all of this out. As far as the cost associated with the surgery, it depends on the surgeons fee, anesthesia fee and operating room fee. This can vary a lot between different centers and different regions. Best of luck

Edward Domanskis

It really depends on your insurance. We would submit photos and explain the asymmetry and hopefully they would cover the larger breast.

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Susan Buenaventura
ASPS Surgeon
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Hi Molly, it sounds like surgery would really benefit you in this situation. It is a common problem we see and making the breasts even truly improved womens' lives. The usual approach is to reduce the larger side to match the smaller. Insurance is unlikely to cover this, but please seek a consultation and find out your options. Care Credit often provides affordable solutions. I am in Alexandria VA, not far from Richmond. I can highly recommend Louise Ferland MD in Richmond who is an excellent plastic surgeon.

Nelson Castillo

Tha k you for sharing your excellent question. I think surgery is your best bet to achieve a more symmetrical pairing with either a lift or reduction performed on the larger breast. Without photos or an in-person examination it is difficult to offer definite advice so seek the counsel of a board certified plastic surgeon.

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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I f you have a very large breast and it falls within the range of coverage by your insurance. Then you likely would be covered. You can contact your insurance company to find out. Good luck!

Thomas Fiala
ASPS Surgeon

Hi. You would be best to call your insurance carrier, and pose the question about coverage to them. Ask them to explain their coverage guidelines for "unilateral breast reduction". I would hope that, just like a typical breast reduction patient, that you would be able to have this covered, as a reconstructive procedure. They may, however, rule that it is a cosmetic problem, and say you have to self-pay.


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