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I suffered from a condition since childhood (12 years-old) called slipped capital femoral epiphysis. Three years ago (30's) I got my left hip replaced. One can imagine all them years of poor posture and compensating walking left my buttocks non existent. I also lost over 100 lbs. I don't believe I need bbl but more of a reshaping procedure. Does this make sense to anyone?

Procedure: Body Contouring
Location: Central Islip, NY

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Larry Weinstein
ASPS Surgeon

Assymmetry or small buttocks can be improved with careful fat transfer or solid silicone buttock implants. See a board certified ASAPS plastic surgeon in consultation. Unlikely to be covered by insurance. Good luck.

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thanks for your question. Yes definitely makes sense what you are describing. In order to figure out what procedure is best for you, inplant or fat transfer please meet with a board certified plastic surgeon

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Nelson Castillo

Yes your situation does make sense and a fat transfer sounds like a good option at improving your buttock shape. Be sure to see a series of ASPS board certified plastic surgeons in consultation to discuss.

Edward Domanskis

Sounds like you have quite a discrepancy. This I can usually adjust with putting more fat in one side compared to other. I would recommend forwarding me some photos and I could evaluate better.

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Elizabeth Morgan

I am really glad you have done so well with a hip replacement. You need to be examined to see what will help you most. After losing 100 pounds, the issue may be loose skin, too little volume or both. Loose skin can be tightened to restore the buttock shape. Fat transfers or a buttock implant will add volume and - if you want an office procedure - a filler called Sculptra can add a little volume with no surgery. So see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon near you and have a consultation to decide what you want done!


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