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5 years ago

Jaw Fillers

I’m new to the filler game and have done some research but I’m still concerned and wondering about the healing process and the after care of getting fillers around the jaw area to reshape. Any help is appreciated

Procedure: Dermal Fillers
Location: kittery, ME

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Anthony Wilson
ASPS Surgeon

Hello- There is really no downtime or healing process to getting fillers along the jawline. There is minimal after care and most people are back to their regular activities within an hour of the procedure. There are multiple different types of fillers and some are longer lasting while others are shorter lasting. Some can be dissolved if you do not like the result and others are more permanent. I recommend a consultation to discuss which filler and technique is best for you.

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Fillers around the jawline can help accentuate the drawing. There’s very little care involved once the fillers are placed. There may be some bruising and some swelling, but after that there’s really nothing that you would need to do for it.

Cristina Pires Camargo
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello, after any filler procedure we ask for the patients to avoid vigorous exercise for at least 24h, do not massage the face, do not use makeup and creams/lotions for the next 8h.

I hope I answer your question.

Nelson Castillo

Fillers in and around the jawline can serve to provide support to the tissues, add volume, and provide improved contouring. There are multiple options and looks available to you but in any case there is no substantial downtime. Hope this helps.

Elizabeth Morgan

Fillers can be used around the jaw to reshape it. It is an office procedure. There may be a little bruising and swelling. It can take two weeks to see the final result because of the swelling. Voluma or Juvederm Ultra Plus usually last longest. Fillers are excellent but can get expensive if a lot is needed. In the long run, an implant at times is better. So see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss what you want done and chances are you can have filler done the same day!


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