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2 years ago

uneven breast

Greetings wishing all is well with you, two years ago I went for a mammogram that was painful and left me with my left boob being larger, what can be done with out getting implants, and what would be the estimated price?

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Fontana, CA

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Aaron Stone
ASPS Surgeon

Your options are reduce the larger breast, enlarge the smaller breast with fat grafting or some combination of the 2. The price would depend on the type of reduction and if a combination procedure is performed vs. just a reduction or grafting. Your post does not contain enough information to give you a more precise reply.

Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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Very odd that you noticed this unevenness after a mammogram. Could you have been injured and the swelling is due to bleeding(hematoma), or some such? I would consult with your primary care to make sure there is not something strange going on in the larger breast. If not, then see a board-certified plastic surgeon (use the Find-a-Surgeon tool to locate ASPS members near you) to determine your options.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question and I am sorry to hear of your painful mammogram. In general there are a number of options available to you but an in-person diagnosis will be needed to help identify what is taking place, and what are your goals. In general an augmentation using different size implants can be performed, a lift/reduction on the smaller side, or a combination of these procedures. Hope this helps.

Shashidhar Kusuma
ASPS Surgeon

It is unusual to have a larger size after a mammogram. This needs to be looked into. As Dr.Johnson mentioned, this is Odd. It can be painful but should not lead to an increase in size. Have you had a follow up mammogram or a check up.

Once anything unusual is ruled out, then you can certainly consider corrective surgery as discussed by the other surgeons.

Nirmal Nathan
ASPS Surgeon
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Dear Empress,

Thank you for your question. The first issue that needs to be addressed is figuring out why one breast is so much larger than the other. If the tissue is benign then a breast reduction can be performed on the large side to match symmetry. If you want more volume or have some upper pole depletion an implant can be used. I usually like to try to keep my implants the same size and reduce breast tissue to achieve symmetry.

Good luck,

Nirmal R. Nathan, M.D.

Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Edward Domanskis

I would need to see you or at least photos but you could just have a small reduction/uplift on larger side.

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Curtis Wong
ASPS Surgeon

When trying to achieve symmetry, your choice is either to reduce the larger side or augment the smaller side. Whether a lift is needed would also have to be considered as it would add considerably to your procedure as that would require the operating room and anesthesiologist. If you boob acutely increased in size, it could have been from a bleed and perhaps you have a collection that could be aspirated (and also diminish the size of the breast). Regardless, you need a face to face consultation with a plastic surgeon to find out what is wrong and to make a diagnosis of why one is larger after a mammogram. Then once that is determined, and with consideration of your expectations, options can be offered to you to choose from. This would also impact whether the procedure could be done under local or if it would require the operating room. Schedule an appointment with a local plastic surgeon and once you get a cost estimate, then you can start searching for best pricing.


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