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4 years ago

Keloid removed

I wanted to know how much does it usually cost to remove a keloid thats been injected and is soft already and just sagging

Procedure: Body Contouring
Location: Cleveland, OH

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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If you have had the keloid removed or injected and it is already recurring, You may want to ask your surgeon about having it removed followed by low dose of radiation therapy. In my experience when doing it this way, there is a 90% success rate. Insurance may also cover this.

Best wishes!

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Costs will vary based on exactly what is needed to achieve the desired goals. Without pictures it is difficult to offer definite advice so see a series of ASPS board certified plastic surgeons in consultation to discuss.

Edward Domanskis

It would really depend on where and how large the sac that remains but if it could be done under local anesthetic in my certified operating room than I would say under 1000.

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