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4 years ago


How much does this procedure cost

Procedure: Lip Augmentation/Enhancement
Location: Raleigh, NC

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thanks for your question. Lip augmentation / enhancement is a very broad topic. There are many ways to augment lips including injectable filler such as juvederm, fat grafting and lip implants. I usually start with injectable filler so one can see if they like how the enhancement looks and then decide if they want a more permanent solution. Depending on what filler is used and how much of it is used you are looking at at least $450+

Please meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to see what options are right for you.

Rahul Vemula, MD - Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body

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Shruti Tannan
ASPS Surgeon

Great question. You have several options, from hyaluronic acid fillers to surgical augmentation. When we meet for your consultation we discuss the pros and cons of each, recovery time and how long the results can be expected to last. You will get a customized price quote after our conversation, but in general most lip filler performed by the plastic surgeon herself starts at about $700. In contrast, surgery with anesthesia and OR fees starts at $3,000.


Shruti Tannan, MD, FACS

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. The cost for most lip augmentations, done through dermal fillers can run from 500-2000 depending the amount of type of filler used. I would see a series of ASPS board certified plastic surgeons in your area to discuss your goals so that the best estimate can be given.

Shashidhar Kusuma
ASPS Surgeon

Lip augmentation can generally be done 3 ways.

1. Fillers - most straight forward where a product like restylane, juvederm etc. is injected and based on amount used and the geographic variation in pricing can cost anywhere between $650+

2. Lip implant - There is an implant that can be surgically placed into the lip (permalip) that can give long term, good and consistent outcomes. you can also add additional fillers if needed in the future. This can cost anywhere from $3000 . - $4500

3. Dermal Fat grafts etc. - this is a patients own tissues that can be used to place into the lips. This has been done for a long time and some surgeons use this technique as well.

you should discuss with your surgeon the options and decide on the best one that suits your needs.


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