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5 years ago

Fat transfer

What is the standard costs for transferring fat into the butt?

Procedure: Body Contouring
Location: Houston, TX

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Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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I perform a lot of Brazilian butt lifts. The price will vary depending on how many areas of liposuction is required to perform the Brazilian butt lift. It will also very from surgeon to surgeon in various portions of the country.

Edward Domanskis

BBL cost may vary depending on how what areas I do lipo on and how much fat is transferred and where. It can be between 5-12,000.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Unfortunately fat grafting has a very wide range of pricing depending on surgeon, location of procedure, and amount of work entailed for the liposuction and grafting procedure. As it sounds as if you are ready to discuss one, I would make a series of consultations in the TX area to get the best advice.


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