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4 years ago

Penis surgery

I'm a 25 year old FTM. My question is : is it possible to have a penis transplant from a dead/alive male body? For example a male wants to have a vagina, so his genitalia can be transplanted to me. The price doesnt matter. Maybe I can pay diff surgeons to work as a team. So is it possible to find a person maybe with my type of skin and have a full genitalia surgery? Not a prosthetic with a pump

Procedure: Gender Affirmation Surgery
Location: New York, NY

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thanks for your question! As of right now penis transplant is a Procedure that is only done at select transplant centers around the world. Only a handful of procedures have been done and not mainstream. In addition I believe that the only people that the procedure is being offered to right now are people who have lost their penis due to Trumatic injuries. In addition people who undergo a transplant need to take antirejection medication for the rest of their lives and there is still a chance that the body can reject the transplant. Also prior to any type of transplant, extensive testing to make sure the tissue of the donor and recipient are a match so an organ won’t be rejected

For right now, the best option would be to have a penis made using a radial forearm free flap or an anterolateral thigh flap performed by a plastic surgeon that this well versed in transgender surgery.

What you propose of a living donor penis transplant may not be a reality for decades. Best wishes

Arthur Shektman
ASPS Surgeon

Transplanting a penis from someone else to you is just like transplanting a kidney or a liver. It would require a life time of immuno-suppression therapy with various medications. I do not think you are likely to find a surgeon willing to perform this kind of surgery. You are much better off using your own tissues to create a penis.

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