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Madison D
2 years ago

Cis Woman Who Had FTM Top Surgery

Hi! I have had FTM top surgery to try to alleviate distress about my chest. I now realize I did not need to transition to male. As a 22 year old, one of my goals is to become a mother if it is possible for me, but I have received mixed responses and confusion about whether breast tissue will return or grow with pregnancy. I do not want that due to the changed shape of my chest. Is that possible?

Procedure: Gender Confirmation Surgery
Location: Mohnton, PA

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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If your top surgery was to remove your breast tissue and give you a masculine chest contour, then the majority of your breast tissue is gone. There may be a small amount of breast tissue remaining that would respond to the hormonal changes of pregnancy, perhaps creating some minor fullness during pregnancy. Once you deliver, this remaining breast tissue might create small lumps as it tries to produce milk. However, if you don't/can't breastfeed, the lumps will soon go away. It would be unlikely that you would have a significant enlargement of the breast, or a post-pregnancy change that would require a surgical touch-up.

Edward Domanskis

It really depends on how through the top surgery was. I try and remove as much of brast tissue as possible but probably a small amount does remain and this would increase with pregnancy.

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