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2 years ago

Minnesota care

Hi do you guys know who accepts MA insurance i live in saint Paul MN and i was born intersex my father made me in to a man and looking to do breasts and reassignment surgery to please help.

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: SAINT PAUL, MN

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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I'm assuming by MA you mean MedicAid. Not all plastic surgeons accept MedicAid, and not all plastic surgeons perform gender confirmation surgery. You should look through the Find-A-Surgeon tool on this website to locate ASPS members near you. Then you'll have to call and ask if they accept MedicAid patients and if they do top surgery. If you have a local LGBTQ community group, they might have resources to assist you and information regarding surgeons who have helped their clients. It is likely you would also need a psychological evaluation to determine whether you are "fit" for surgery, as is required of all transgenders.

Matthew Camp
ASPS Surgeon

Hi Teetee

I recommend you seek care with Mayo clinic in Rochester. They have a gender confirmation program, and can line you up with the appropriate doctors to assist in your care. It is a long process, but they get the job done right. I am not sure about your insurance, but Mayo is where you should start your journey. Best Wishes


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