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Jenna Bean
5 years ago

Ok doctors! I had the gastric sleeve 4 and half months ago. Im down to what is where i should stay a

Docs sat i should lose 10 lbs and then gain a lil back..which im 5 ft 7 and 144 lbs now. Id like to gaine to 155 and stay there. But i want a breast lift and Brazilian butt lift so bad . there saying no one will touch me for 2 years after my surgery. I dont believe that especially if im paying for. I am extremely unhappy with certain areas at my age of 32 and want to feel my age. Ley me know

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Fallriver, MA

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Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Usually you want to be at least one year out and at a stable weight after gastric sleeve procedure. It is not advisable to do that at four months after your procedure. I treat a lot of weight loss patients and this is the policy that I usually adhere to.

Matthew Camp
ASPS Surgeon

Hello Jenna!

Generally we want you to be at a stable weight for a year. If over the next 8 months you remain at the same weight, you will have no problem finding a surgeon willing to help you. Congratulations on our weight loss journey.

Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Thank you for your question! Most people take anywhere from 12 to 18 months after the gastric sleeve to stabilize with wait. Before operating, one would want to make sure that you are stable with a wait for at least six months. If you get surgery today and you lose a lot more weight over the next six months or so, you may be unhappy with the results of surgery and may need to have it done again. It’s better for you to wait so that is done right way. Best wishes!

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Edward Domanskis

You are just starting to lose weight. If you had surgery now, then most likely you would need to repeat it when you lost more. I tell my patients that there weight should be stable for at least 6 months, My specialty is patients who have lost much weight. I am President of the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons.

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Gregory Sexton
ASPS Surgeon

Most of us do not feel you need to wait 2 years, but rather we prefer you are in a stable weight range, but a year out from surgery. In your situation you should not have a problem finding a surgeon, if your weight has stabilized for 2-3 months, and you understand, any procedure may need to be repeated if you lose significantly more weight after the procedure.

Good luck

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. For most patients weight loss and fluctuations can occur for a year following a gastric sleeve procedure and I would give yourself this time before entertaining another surgery. Hope this helps.

Arian Mowlavi
ASPS Surgeon

The ideal body contouring procedure is performed at a patient's Comfort Weight. This is the weight that you do not have to stress yourself to maintain (through excessive diet or exercise). Think of your body as a canvas for your surgeon. They need to have a stable canvas so that they accurately address all of your contour irregularities and know that whatever results they achieve for you will be stable and long lasting.

When it comes to full body contouring, VASER HD Liposuction is the gold standard. A Skype or Facetime Consultation with a VASER specialist is recommended to address any additional questions you may have.

Ricardo Rodriguez
ASPS Surgeon
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hi Jenna,

You should wait at least one year before you have the BBL as you will continue to lose weight over the next few months. Most patients wait 18 months, but there are exceptions IF your weight has reached a plateau and stabilized.

However, you may be able to have the Breast Lift sooner. In any event, I typically do not combine the BBL and the Breast Lift in the same operative session. This is primarily due to the conflicting nature of the recovery requirements. With the BBL there is no sleeping on the back for 2 weeks, which conflicts with the breast lift recovery during week 1.

You can contact me via the contact form here, or by calling my office at 410-494-8100. You can arrange to have an in person or Virtual Consult. I have a ton of info about the BBL and Breast lift at my website, .

Good luck and congrats on the weight loss that you have already achieved!

Ricardo L Rodriguez MD

Baltimore, Maryland


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