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5 years ago

Cost and results

I have 15 yr old silicone gel implants, above the muscle. I’m looking at a few options. I have a family hx of breast Ca. but no genetic markers.

I’m looking for a ball park cost for;

Explant & lift

Explant & fat grafting with a lift

Also I’m interested in an estimate for recovery time.

Thank you

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: nanaimo, BC - Canada

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Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Usually when I remove implants I can sometimes perform a Lift at the same time. In some patients where they do not have a lot of breast tissue and have very large implants, it sometimes is good to wait until the tissues collapse down before performing a lift. This also is a consideration when performing fat grafting. If there is a large open space then the fat will not have any blood supply to maintain their viability, so in these cases I will also sometimes wait to put that in if they so desire.

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Wendell Perry
ASPS Surgeon

I've had good results during this operation. I have been able to have breast after the surgery at the same size as they were with the implants and occasionally even larger than they were with the implants. The key to this procedure is the fat transfer to the upper half of the breast to re-create the cleavage that's lost when the implant is removed. The breast lift can always reproduce the bottom half of the breast but what the fat transfer has done is allow the loss cleavage from the implant removal to be replaced. I'm going to post one of these procedures I did last week on Instagram today or tomorrow and hopefully in the website within the next week or two.

Mario Carranza-Garcia
ASPS Int. Surgeon

here in mexico we could do the procedure of explanting the old ones and some lift with the new allergan or mentor and that would be around 5000 us dollars with the surgeon ,operating room and anaesthesia

Susan Buenaventura
ASPS Surgeon
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I think estimates will vary widely geographically. In Virginia I would charge approximately $7500 plus anesthesia for removing implant and doing a lift. Would not recommend fat grafting the same day. Lift can be done same day if tissues look healthy, but also can be done later.

Milton Rincon Carranza
ASPS Int. Surgeon

You exposes two different choices for your posiible treatment and need decided what do you want.

In my experience you must be think in surgery for explant the implant , simple procedure is posible dreins for some days... later, some months, fat transfer for some recovery gluteus volume or lift.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. For most patients the best treatment advice will depend on an in-person evaluation of your breast tissues relative to the size of implants you have. As prices will vary greatly based on what will be needed to achieve your goals, I would recommend seeking out a series of surgeons in your area to have a discussion of recovery timeframe and costs. Best wishes.

Jennifer Greer
ASPS Surgeon
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This is a great question, but unfortunately not one that can be answered over the internet. Cost and recovery of surgery depends very much on the exact surgery being performed, and how long it will take. And it's difficult to tell without actually seeing you in person. I highly recommend seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area: you'll find out if the operations you are interested in are even a good option for you, as well as the cost. It's well-worth paying a small consultation fee.

Best of luck to you!

Edward Domanskis

I would suggest that you may want an en bloc capsulectomy. You can find more info at including general pricing. I would also recommend send a photo to get you a more precise price.

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