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5 years ago

ALCL and now to diagnose

I heard Dr. Matarasso on Doctor's Radio and wondering I have/had this cancer. Prophylactic mastectomy in December 2013. Several revisions due to fluid build up on one side only. Some times tied to bacteria infection. November 2018 staph infection. Entire capsule and implant pulled. Will wait at least 9 months to heal. 5 consults and while they mention this I am not sure this was every tested for.

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: San Clemente, CA

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon

If your capsule was removed, it would have been evaluated by a pathologist. If any abnormal cells were seen the pathologist would report that. Discuss your concern with your plastic surgeon and ask for a copy of the pathology report. As yet, there have been no cases of BIA-ALCL in patients with smooth breast implants, only textured surface implants.

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Alan Matarasso
ASPS Surgeon
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I agree with Dr. Johnson’s comments.

Please consult with you ASPS plastic surgeon to verify that the entire capsule was removed and to determine a plan for your care.

Reviewing the pathology report would be helpful also.

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Michael Carlisle
ASPS Surgeon

Agree with what has already been said. I will add, the average presentation of BIA-ALCL is 8 years after textured implants. They don't present with active infections. Sounds generally like you were having seroma and infectious issues, which are distinct from ALCL. Certainly, ALCL's main presenting symptom is fluid, but it is not associated with active infection, which is much different than biofilm. Of course, you should continue to follow up to make sure fluid is not accumulating and is tested if it does. Hope this helps!

Mark Solomon
ASPS Surgeon

I agree with the other surgeons here. You should review the pathology report from any tissue that was removed. You should also determine the type of implant that you have since ALCL is largely associated with textured surface implants.

Edward Domanskis

I recommend that you go to for latest information.

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Jon Ver Halen

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. If the capsule was removed, then this should not be an issue any more for you. However, if you are concerned, it would be worth reviewing the pathology report to ensure that there were not ALCL associated findings. Good luck!


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