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5 years ago

Spider veins

I have tried to have spider veins removed through sclerotherapy & laser. Have had no luck with either. Zero. Is there any hope? What would you recommend? Would prefer not to wear the support hose. Allergic to them with extreme itching.

Procedure: Arm Lift

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Jonathan Zelken
ASPS Surgeon
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Have you tried electrocautery for this? We have a tiny needle point cautery device that can help with these nuisance veins. Hope this helps.

Gregory Dowbak
ASPS Surgeon

Yes, there is hope. Spider veins are the terminal branches of the slightly larger reticular veins. Best treatment is sclerotherapy for reticulars and laser for spiders using laser light with wavelength of about 940 nm such that only red pigment (hemoglobin) absorbs this energy. The exploding hemoglobin destroys the spiders without injuring surrounding structures (skin) with subsequent scarring. If this is not working you have significant venous insufficiency and your saphenous vein should be ablated with laser (not stripped). Good Luck!


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