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Robert Wise
5 years ago

Component Separation

Last question from me I promise. As I stated early on, I had surgery for emergency colon surgery in 2013. Ever since, my abdomen protruded out like a “Buddha” belly. I had tat 15 weeks ago and still have about a third of the belly remaining. My surgeon thinks I am good as going to be. Would I be a candidate for Component Seperstion? Thanks

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Location: Houston, TX

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Tracy McCall
ASPS Surgeon

I don't think a component separation will get you what you are looking for. I looked at some of your previous questions. You seem to be looking for more tightness of the abdominal wall. A component separation is used to pull the abdominal muscles over a defect. It isn't for tightening. Give your abdominoplasty time to heal. Then speak with your surgeon again. It is possible that this is as good as you will get. It is also possible that there may be something else that can be done. It really isn't possible to answer that question before the healing is complete and without the benefit of an actual physical exam. Good luck.

Jonathan Zelken
ASPS Surgeon
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A component separation reduces lateral tension to promise a tension-free closure at the midline. This is used almost exclusively for abdominal wall reconstruction. My fear is that a component separation, if properly executed, may cause bulging laterally that does not currently exist. Also, the midline might be bullet proof, but it may have more of an anterior bulge after component separation as well.

I hope this helps and vote "no" on the topic at hand.


Jonathan Zelken MD

Jon Ver Halen

Dear Trainerguy,

Given the complexity of your story, I really advise you to seek face to face consultation with a plastic surgeon. If you have any questions, call our office for assistance. Good luck!


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