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5 years ago

Breast Reduction Vs Bellasoma Method

When doing the breast reduction-does it come with a lift?

And what would be the best procedure to not only lift but to decrease the size from DD to a C.

Procedure: Breast Reduction
Location: Kempton Park, GT - South Africa

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Jacob Gerzenshtein
ASPS Surgeon

There are surgeons/companies who attempt to trademark procedures and engage in branding. The method you ask about has been around in some form or another for around a hundred years. I personally did most of my breast reduction training using such a technique, and though I am very adept at horizontal and periareolar incision only breast reduction, it has some definite disadvantages. I've come full circle to include the vertical incision; the gain in shape far outweighs any claimed benefit of a less conspicuous incision.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. All breast reductions involve a lift with the same procedure to not only address overall breast volume, but nipple appearance and position. The best procedure depends on a patient's starting anatomy and as such I would recommend seeking out a series of surgeons in your area for consultation.

Edward Domanskis

Yes, most definitely the breast reduction involvers lifting and reforming the breast. I have the patient let me know how much breast tissue to remove and then take that amount. I do many patients from out of town and request that they stay in area for about 5-7 days minimum.

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Wendell Perry
ASPS Surgeon

Breast reductions do include a breast lift. There are many types of breast reductions. The most common type is an inferior pedicle wise pattern breast reduction, this is an anchor type of scar. The breast reduction I do is a short scar central pedicle type of breast reduction. There's a vertical scar and a scar around the nipple but no horizontal scar under the breast. The goal is to create a projecting breast with cleavage. A unique thing that I do is I don't throw away your extra skin I use it to create a slang under the breast to strengthen the bottom half of the breast which creates a better shape and gives the lift more longevity.

You can also look at my website under the video education section for a description of the procedure, the recovery and the complications associated with breast reduction.

Paul Parker
ASPS Surgeon
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Plastic surgeons often do things somewhat differently from one another. A breast reduction from DD to C cup will involve a lift as well. How that is achieved will vary based on the surgeon. I have found a vertical reduction and lift to provide excellent shape to the breasts afterwards.


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