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4 years ago

One frown line between my eyes! And an Indentation in the bone underneath....I can feel it!

I'm 48 with one vertical frown line between my eyes. I've noticed my bone right under it is indented exactly! I plan to have Botox in the next couple months for this. Is everyone's bone underneath the area between the eyes indented? Or just me? Could it be a contributing factor to why my one wrinkle is so pronounced and began to form in my 20's? What can be done about it? Any guess in the dark?

Procedure: Dermal Fillers
Location: vacaville, CA

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Aaron Stone
ASPS Surgeon

That is called the radix or root of the nose and it's supposed to be indented. The depth can vary as can the vertical level of the deepest point. It doesn't contribute to wrinkle you are describing which is due to the pull of the corrugator muscles on the inner edge of the eyebrows. The muscles bring the eyebrows together and down creating the frown line by basically folding the skin. For people with very deep radix or one at too low a vertical level the surgical options are implants or cartilage grafts. In fact there is a radix implant available specifically for a deep radix. The usually desired depth is about 10mm out from the outermost edge of the cornea. The usually desired level is that of the upper eyelid crease (6 to 8 mm above the edge of the upper eyelid).

Susan Buenaventura
ASPS Surgeon
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The indentation is from years of frowning with the corrugator muscles and if you have a bony defect there as well, it can be treated with fillers. You need Botox to weaken the corrugator muscles causing your frown lines. Secondly you would benefit from some fillers injected into that area to fill in the "dent". My preference is Botox and some Restylane into the indentation.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. Yes it is not uncommon for the bone between the eyes to have an area of indentation. Based on your narrative, Botox seems an excellent option at limiting the frown line from worsening. Hope this helps.


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