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3 years ago


Thank you all for answering my question.. Is a insulin dependent diabetic 2 now diabetic 1 with a history of ketoacidosis a good candidate for tummy tuck

Procedure: Tummy Tuck

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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Diabetes is a known risk factor for complications with surgery. In order to try and reduce your risk, you would need to have your Hemoglobin A-1C below 6, indicating that your diabetes is well-controlled. You would significantly reduce risk by having a BMI below 30. Using tobacco is also bad. Consulting with a board-certified ASPS member is your best bet. Our goal is always to get you through surgery safely and with a good result. But surgery is a team effort, so you, the patient, have to do all you can to prepare for a good outcome.

Aaron Stone
ASPS Surgeon

Diabetics are more prone to heart disease & blood chemistry alterations requiring more extensive lab work including EKG before surgery & should be medically cleared for surgery by an internist. Their complication rate after abdominoplasty is twice that of non-diabetics. A 1/3 to 2/3 split dose of insulin before & intravenous sugar given during surgery with finger stick checks is probably the safest approach. After surgery healing time is prolonged, fluid balance is altered & you are more prone to infection. Therefore care after surgery including insulin doses should be performed by the physician who medically cleared you for surgery. You will need blood tests after surgery. The safest place to do that is in the hospital where the internist and surgeon both have privileges. First priority of all cosmetic surgery is safety.

Daniel Allan

Yes, if diabetes is well controlled, patient is a non-smoker, not overweight, otherwise in good health.

Jon Ver Halen
ASPS Surgeon

Dear Lisa54,

Yes, you are still a good candidate, provided that your surgery is performed with appropriate medical clearance and preoperative workup. Good luck!


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