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5 years ago

Hairy Nevis

My daughter has a large hairy nevis on her arm about the size of a quarter. She’s ten years old and asking questions about removal. The derm said due to the size to use a plastic surgeon. Do I need to find a specialist? What does the process include?

Procedure: Body Contouring
Location: Tampa, FL

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Paul Weiss

Evaluation and treatment by a board certified plastic surgeon will likely achieve the best result. You may find a plastic surgeon on this website. Good luck

Shashidhar Kusuma
ASPS Surgeon

A size of a nevus you describe can be removed in one stage likely. If not, it can also be done in stages. Due to your daughter's age, it is best done as an outpatient in a surgical center with some anesthesia. The post operative course can take upto 6 weeks before resuming normal activity, so timing is critical so as not to interrupt school activities.

The incision line needs to be watched to ensure optimal outcomes. May need scar management, laser resurfacing later to improve if needed.

Jon Ver Halen

Yes, I recommend that you consultation from a plastic surgeon. In particular, you want to find one that is experienced and comfortable with pediatric plastic surgery. Most Children's Hospitals have at least one suitable plastic surgeon on staff. Good luck!

Michael Cohen
ASPS Surgeon

Yes, you need a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who specializes in pediatric plastic surgery. Obtain a referral from your primary care doctor to a plastic surgeon at your local Children's Hospital. Good luck.

Jason Petrungaro
ASPS Surgeon
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This should be a rather easy problem to fix. Be sure you find a board certified Plastic Surgeon who is comfortable operating on younger patients. You do not need a Plastic Surgeon who only specializes in pediatrics for this type of surgery -- any board certified Plastic Surgeon will be able to handle a lesion of this size. It may be able to be removed all at once, or it may need 2 surgeries if your surgeon feels it is too big. If you have access to a children's hospital, then feel free to find one of their Plastic Surgeons. Otherwise I am sure there are plenty of qualified surgeons in the Tampa area that will help you and your daughter. The process will include an in-office consultation and then surgical planning. It will probably be best to do this surgery either in the hospital or a surgery center with some anesthesia. Your health insurance should pay for this. After surgery your daughter will have a few follow-up appointments, and then she's done. Best wishes!


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