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5 years ago

Labia reconstruction

I had a very bad outcome from a surgery to remove a growth on my behind. As a result my labia was affixed to my thigh. My question. I don’t know which type of surgeon I should engage. One doctor suggested a transgender surgeon,. When I check out labia surgeons they all seem cosmetic. I think. Y case is a bit more complex as my rectum was pulled over and the inner of the labia are exposed.

Procedure: Gender Affirmation Surgery
Location: old bridge, NU

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Aaron Stone
ASPS Surgeon

It sounds like the wound closure was performed without the requisite skin flap. Any reconstructive plastic surgeon should be able to recreate the original wound and then design a flap that will allow closure without deforming adjacent structures.

Jon Ver Halen

Dear Ellie,

I suggest that you call a number of plastic surgeons in your area, to see if they are comfortable with this procedure. Ultimately, you will need a face to face consultation, and you should choose the surgeon with whom you feel most comfortable. Good luck!

Michael Cohen
ASPS Surgeon

I am sorry about your predicament. It is not easy to find a plastic surgeon who will perform labiaplasty surgery through insurance. I recommend trying to get in with a plastic surgeon at one of your local medical centers that have academic plastic surgery programs. This will guarantee that the surgeon is both board-certified and well-trained. In addition, if your surgeon needs input from a gyn or uro/gyn colleague, he or she can refer you within the same university. Certain complicated cases are best handled in this fashion. The good news is that there are several university-based programs in your area. Best of luck.

Jonathan Zelken
ASPS Surgeon
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Any well-trained board certified plastic surgeon (you've come to the right place) should be well versed enough with reconstructive methods to help you OR REFER you to a respected colleague who feels comfortable helping you.


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