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5 years ago

Fat transfer for correcting breast reduction?

Hello I had a breast reduction in November of 2018. I ended up with exceedingly smaller breasts than I wanted. I've heard of fat transfer for augmentation but have heard that the fat is often reabsorbed by the body, what's the likelihood of that? Also about how much more does it cost as opposed to regular implants? I had an H cup, now a B, want at least a C...

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: Spokane, WA

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Michael Law
ASPS Surgeon
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I often use fat grafting as part of breast augmentation surgery. Fat grafting alone will not result in a significant change in volume, but it can help with perfecting the shape and balance in some cases of breast augmentation. For women who are interested in explantation, fat grafting can also help with shape and balance.

As someone who has performed fat grafting almost daily for the past 17 years, I am very confident that fat grafting can and does last in the face, and produce very beautiful and natural looking results. It can and does also last in the breast, but for very small volume. Fat grafting is not a substitute for breast augmentation with implants.

Trent Douglas
ASPS Surgeon
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Fat grafting is an effective way to enhance breast shape and volume but it is important to know that the amount of volume that can be transferred at any one time has limitations and it usually requires multiple rounds of fat grafting to achieve optimal results in the absence of using breast implants. Experience and studies show that about 2/3-3/4 of the transferred fat will survive. Cost will vary so it will be important to partner with an experienced plastic surgeon who can work with you to achieve your desired aesthetic goals over time. Best wishes on a great result and speedy recovery.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Most fat grafting patients can expect approximately a cup size difference for each transfer and the fat can/will survive. Be sure to see a specialist in consultation to get the best advice.

Benjamin Van Raalte

I find that about 1 in 6 patients the majority of fat does not take and does not have capillary ingrowth and disappears. I find about half the patient's get about a 1/2 cup enhancement in the remainder get between 1 cup and rarely larger.


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