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Edith Martinez
4 years ago


The breast augmentation comes with mommy makeover right?

Procedure: Mommy Makeover
Location: kennett, MO

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Rahul Vemula
ASPS Surgeon
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Excellent question! A mommy makeover is a general term used for improvement of the breasts and abdomen. It generally involves an abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck) with a breast procedure. Depending on your particular anatomy, for the breasts you may need a breast reduction, mastopexy ( breast lift), just breast implants or a lift with implants. The operation is tailored to meet your specific goals.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine which procedures are best to achieve your goals.

Best wishes!

James Chappell
ASPS Surgeon

Breast augmentation may be part of a mommy makeover, but the breast portion of a mommy makeover may instead be a breast lift or breast reduction.

Edward Domanskis

The mommy makeover usually is a combination of a tummy tuck as well as some type of breast surgery, either an implant, uplift or both but it could also be with other procedures like liposuction. This I usually do as an outpatient and the recovery on average is about two weeks.

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Joseph Pober

Great question! After pregnancy, some women are concerned about changes in their body shape,especially their breasts and abdomen. Mommy makeovers at the right time address those concerns, with surgical and nonsurgical techniques. Although breast lifts were more the concern in the past, breast augmentation is currently not an uncommon request as part of the mommy makeover.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. There is no specific "mommy makeover" operation as it is intended to restore a woman to her prepregnancy appearance. Typically this involves a breast procedure such as an augmentation +/- lift, and a stomach procedure, like a tummy tuck +/- liposuction. As a result a mommy makeover is what you make it.

Ralph Rosato
ASPS Surgeon

Usually in a mommy make over the breast and the tummy are treated. Some women need a lift, some need a augmentation and some require a combination. The abdomen has excess fat ans skin removed. What you need depends on your shape. Good Luck

Benjamin Van Raalte

The term Mommy Makeover is a lay term and not a specific medical terminology. It has generally referred to improvements in the anatomy changed by pregnancy, such as breasts and abdomen.

There are a lot of considerations with doing two procedures. While generally safe, there is increased risk of blood clots, hospitalization, and recovery from combined procedures. More importantly most patients find the recovery from both together is more than anticipated, and much longer than either alone. I do carefully selected patients. I tell patients if a friend of yours broke their arm in an accident you would state they need recovery, if they broke their leg you would anticipate a recovery, but if they broke both an arm and a leg you know they have a difficult recovery. Operating on the abdomen and chest is like that, a harder and more complicated recovery and should be carefully considered.


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