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4 years ago

Pro bono

am 51 and am a post polio survivor. My right leg was mildly affected and wonder if there is any surgeon that can do either implant or fat transfer to make my right leg similar to my left . I am a single parent and can’t afford it. Ihave looked up several polio sites and am unable to find a foundation that offers pro bono surgery for polio survivors. Any information would be appreciated.

Procedure: Body Contouring
Location: oxnard, CA

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Steve Laverson
ASPS Surgeon
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What about ObamaCare? Wasn't that program supposed to provide healthcare to everyone who needed it? I would love to help you in our San Diego surgery center, but fat transfer to the smaller side is a procedure that would cost me about $10K to perform (equipment, supplies, anesthesia, drugs, staff, operating room costs, etc.). We have an organization (Femininity Foundation) for victims of domestic violence and abuse, and could potentially consider the possibility of extending guidelines, but our referrals must come from professionals (social workers, etc.). Check out FreshStart, which performs reconstructive surgery for those in need, and also, check for Medi-Cal plastic surgeons if you're eligible for that program. Los Angeles County-USC and UCLA have plastic surgery academic programs with clinics that likely can help you.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your question. I would recommend reaching out to local plastic surgery training programs for any "resident clinics" that can offer procedures at a reduced price to better afford the cost of treatment.

Gregory Dowbak
ASPS Surgeon

I’ll do it. Need to see photos and review details of medical history. If medically appropriate and if I feel I can make a difference we’ll do it without jumping through those hoops. Send to:❤️

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