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4 years ago

Are plastic surgeons comfortable with a straight up nipple removal??

looking around for a plastic surgeon thats comfortable with a nipple removal not a nipple reduction a nipple removal basically cutting it off completely. Are plastic surgeons in general against this procedure?

Procedure: General Reconstruction
Location: miami, FL

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John Borkowski
ASPS Surgeon

Before any plastic surgeon performs any procedure on any patient he or she will ask the question "Why ?". If the answer is reasonable and the surgeon feels comfortable with the patient and the patient with the surgeon, then the procedure can be performed.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. It would be interesting to know why and exactly what you are trying to achieve, but it may be possible, yes. Many bodybuilders desire to not have any projection of their nipple and ask for it to be totally flat. Hope this helps.

Baruch Jacobs
ASPS Surgeon

This is certainly an unusual request but you can discuss it with your plastic surgeon. If you have a legitimate reason for doing so and your expectations of the result are realistic he may be comfortable doing the procedure.

Edward Domanskis

Yes that can be done and I have in cases. This could be done even under a local anesthetic.

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Paul Parker
ASPS Surgeon
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This is doable from a technical standpoint. The first question the surgeon would ask during a consultation would be, "why do you want your nipple removed?" If the reason is valid, removal could be done.

Michael Streitmann
ASPS Surgeon

A physician must evaluate the patient and understand the reasoning behind a surgical request. As a whole, I do not think physicians are against this procedure. It is best to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and discuss what outcome you are trying to achieve.


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