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2 years ago

Full Mastopexy & Breast Augmentation

Hi! I am having a full mastopexy and aug. replacing my saline 420’s with silicone high profile. I weigh 145, athletic, 5’6”. Would a 500cc implant be too large? My doctor also wanted to do galaflex bra but is the bra a gimmick? Is anyone allowed to say the markup on mesh is? I feel like the mesh is a sales technique.

Procedure: Breast Lift
Location: Sarasota, FL

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Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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500 cc implants are larger than average. That size implant adds a little over two cups sizes to your bra. The additional implant weight puts even more gravitational effect on your breasts, so that despite the lift, you are stressing your breast skin. Your plastic surgeon likely recommended mesh to try and counteract the additional weight of the implants and prevent future "bottoming out" of the breast skin.

Keeping your breasts D-cup or lower is a good preventative to future droopiness of the breasts, and also helps reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain associated with DD+ breasts.

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Edward Domanskis

The difference between the ones you have and larger is about 1/2 cup size. The heavier your breasts the more they will come down again. I recommend galflex and it is not a gimmick for it dores cause scarring and helps keep the breasts up. UNfortunately, it is expensive even from manufacturer. You may want to go to google and type in Dr.Domanskis and you will find a video of me doing mastopexy with galliflex so you can understand better.

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Remember that as you go up in implant size, the weight placed on your breast skin increases, causing sagging to occur even faster. In order to counteract this effect your surgeon recommended galaflex support which can work in many patients to help provide soft tissue support. Talk to a series of surgeons in consultation to discuss your breast treatment to reach your goals.

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Richard Baxter
ASPS Surgeon

The internal bra is needed when implants are large or the breasts are heavy, and Galaflex mesh is a very good option for that. There may be an additional fee for the time and expertise to place the mesh. It is a judgment call as to when it is needed but a good investment in your long term result.

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