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4 years ago

How much would this cost

I had weight loss surgery last Sept and lost around 100 lbs I have a lot if flab mostly my upper body I need to find out what it would cost me to get all my skin removed

Procedure: Neck Lift
Location: Henderson, NV

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Michael Law
ASPS Surgeon
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Congratulations on your weight loss. The cost of surgery will vary depending upon the length of time of the procedure. There is no fee schedule for facial surgery as it is always customized for each patient.

Look for a plastic surgeon board-certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Facial rejuvenation should be performed in an accredited surgical facility. Look at the work of several plastic surgeons, check their philosophy on their websites and then consider consultations.

John Borkowski
ASPS Surgeon

The cost varies significantly depending on the extent of your problem and the areas and number of areas to be treated. As far as insurance coverage, most will only cover a panniculectomy which is the removal of the apron of skin of your lower abdomen. Most insurance companies will not cover this until 12 to 18 months after your bypass procedure and there must be documentation of a chronic problem such as rashes or skin fungal infections. Usually, the cost of the consultation for the abdomen will be covered by insurance. All other areas, except maybe the breasts, are considered cosmetic and not covered.


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